Friday, December 6, 2019

Commissioners were “disrespectful and rude” to citizen

To the two men and one woman in the county comissioners office, Columbus,
Arising from a meeting with you on June 11, about 10:45 a.m. about weed control, I have two comments:
•I introduced myself to you three and handed my card to your spokesman, but received neither a greeting nor any reciprocal introductions – so I regret I do not know your names, or the positions you occupy.
After some discussion, the lady, who had been taking part, turned her back to me and without excusing herself started doing something else. I had earlier met your weed coordinator at the Stillwater County Weed District Office, who also neither greeted me nor introduced himself. Such behavior is disrespectful and rude, especially inappropriate from people holding public office, and is a slur on the county’s good name.
•At the County Weed District Office I was informed that a herbicide (called “Perspective”) could only be used on road edges and not on open rangeland or open spaces. It was on the label, said your weed coordinator.
I checked the label and it said (amongst other things) ”Perspective is registered for general weed control on private, public and military lands as follows: uncultivated non-agricultural areas, …….; uncultivated agricultural areas, ……; and natural areas….”
The information I was given was therefore incorrect. Your weed coordinator needs to improve his knowledge on herbicides so he can give correct information to people asking his help and advice.

Dr. O. Bourquin