Monday, December 16, 2019

Commissioners need to help ambulance district happen

I know our commissioners try to do the best they can for the citizens of Stillwater County and they can’t satisfy everyone, but the issue with Columbus Fire Rescue’s Emergency Medical Services is all of our concern and we need their help to get it resolved.
Although I realize the commissioners felt rushed about putting a mill levy vote together by the end of this year, I’ve sent a letter urging them to work with CFR and the Clerk & Recorder’s office to do whatever it takes to get the vote out as soon as possible in 2017 – and I encourage other area residents to ask them to do the same.
CFR has done their homework and figured out what is best for all of us in the district they’re forming, so the commissioners need to accept CFR’s recommendations and work with them to set a vote date.
In doing so, the commissioners will be doing their part to help protect the lives of all of our area’s friends, family, and loved ones in emergency situations – while leaving the final decision in voter’s hands.

Jessica Burch