Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Commissioners are right to resist building “monument”

I would like to commend Maureen Davey and Dennis Shupak and former commissioner Jerry Dell for standing up for common sense spending of Stillwater County taxpayer money.
It is very easy to spend other people’s money. This country has been very successful in creating the greatest country in the world by using their money wisely.
This controversy over the courthouse is quite interesting. You have a few progressives who are very vocal about spending the taxpayer money to build the finest monument that money can buy.
Maybe they should realize there is a difference between an asset and a liability. You can see what a great job the progressives have done running our country $20 trillion in debt.
It seems to me that if things are true what you read in this paper, one architectural firm has found the old hospital can be remodeled into a very workable option for county for county office space.
Then if you remodel the current courthouse, which is a great old building, you would have a very workable solution at a third of the cost of what the new commissioner and the county attorney are proposing.
It seems to me that if you want to spend the money, take what you save from the extravagance of our progressives and promote new business to locate in our country.

Bill Murphy