Sunday, January 26, 2020

Commission ignoring public complaints on old hospital

Last week’s Stillwater County News carried a story which illustrated just how useful a small, home-town newspaper can be.
Headlined “Commissioners: Old hospital ‘viable option” -- a headline which surprised not only me, but several other readers. The hospital needs a good deal of work to make it fit for use, and it seems that in spite of asking for feedback on their plans the county commissioners have chosen to ignore voters complaints that the costs out weigh the benefits.
Being a commissioner is a tough job and very few of us want to put up with the complexities of various legal jurisdictions, many of which are inconsistent or contrary to the requirements of others.
Yet, once again, I hope our commissioners will take a hard look at this issue, with as much transparency as open county meetings allow. I know we’d all appreciate the courtesy (and usefulness) of our commissioners assuring us that our views do matter.

Dave Grimland