Saturday, November 16, 2019

Columbus Fire Rescue thankful for the community support

Both the Columbus Fire Rescue staff and Board of Directors want to thank everyone for their support of the creation of Stillwater Ambulance District #1.
We are both humbled and proud that the public has entrusted us to continue to provide the current or higher level of service to our community. All of the members and Board of Directors of CFR consider it a privilege to serve our community in whatever ways we are called upon to do and we enjoy the wide range of support the community gives us.
While we feel that this endeavor is ultimately a success and win for the residents of the area we serve, we also want to acknowledge those that may not have supported either the formation of the district or its funding mechanism, but not in a negative way.
Thank you for taking the opportunity to voice your concerns. As we have stated all along, it was never an easy course to ultimately raise taxes for this endeavor, and we appreciate peoples concerns in doing so.
With that said, those votes against the measures are not looked at negatively, but instead are a reminder to us that we need to be wise stewards of taxpayers dollars, and to make sure that we are truly using those funds to serve the community in the most cost efficient manner we can while maintaining and providing the best service we can. And our goal is to prove to you that we can do that.

Rich Cowger
Columbus Fire Chief