Sunday, January 26, 2020

Burglary suspects not part of Ostermiller Const. business

It is with great concern that we read your article about Eldon and Joshua Ostermiller being arrested for theft. We would like to clear up several areas addressed in the article:
1. Eldon and Joshua Ostermiller have never been involved in the running of H.L. Ostermiller Construction Inc.
2. Harvey Ostermiller pointed out to local law enforcement that an unknown pickup and trailer were on H.L. Ostermiller Construction Inc. property.
3. Eldon Ostermiller was not authorized to be on that portion of H.L. Ostermiller Construction property at that time.
4. The shop referred to in the article has never been a part of the operations of H.L. Ostermiller Construction Inc.
Being in business is not easy and in construction a lot of us have experienced theft and vandalizing of property and equipment. We at H.L. Ostermiller Inc. were not part of this activity and are committed to help where we can. Thank you.

Claudia and Harvey Ostermiller
Editor’s Note: Ostermiller Construction Inc. does not take issue with the contents of the article referred to, but rather the statements and information contained in court doucments about the burglary case.