Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Thankful for county road crew

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone on the Stillwater County road department who has been working diligently to keep the roads throughout our county passable and safe during this time frame of extended winter driving conditions. We have been very fortunate to have Mark and Lester taking care of our roads in northern Stillwater County. They have worked many hours trying to keep our roads open. I’m sure that the road department employees throughout the rest of the county are also working hard to keep the roads in good shape.
Now that some of us are into the calving season, it is extremely important to get from one calving pasture to the next without having to worry excessively about getting stranded. This is especially true when the overnight lows continue to be in the single digits or worse yet 30 degrees below zero or colder. Not to mention people needing to travel for medical reasons, school activities, getting the mail through, jobs, etc.
I also want to thank the Stillwater County Commissioners for allowing the road crew to work for the benefit and safety of the residents and visitors of Stillwater County. We all know that there is never enough money in the budget for road work, but I hope everyone who has benefited from the work of our road crew doesn’t hesitate to tell these individuals thanks for what they do for our safety and convenience.

Dave Kelsey