Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Delusional thinking, gun control

Our world, along with the process of thought, seem to become altered as the daily happenings of life move forward.
They say that guns are evil and the safety of our children is dependent on bringing this matter into so-called control. But a weapon, no matter what it may be — a gun, a knife or a rock — is merely a vessel in which a person can satisfy the need to defend or support. Or it can be a justification of delusional thinking.
But where does this delusional thinking come from? Why are people acting out in such violent, mindless ways? If we are so concerned with the safety of our children, why not start looking at the reality of the problem; how thoughts eventually become actions when they’re allowed to seep up from the bottomless gutters of entertainment. The money grubbers that stimulate the minds of people to believe that viewing violence and death is a pleasurable release from the stress and pain of their existence should be held to account, if only by the consumers turning away from the garbage.
But suddenly, these lavish-living moguls are shocked and disgusted by guns in America? They tout that we must get guns out of the hands of the citizens or our children cannot be safe?
What a joke.

Todd Steinfeldt
Reed Point