Monday, June 1, 2020

Former FOL director thanks friends, colleagues

This has been a challenging year for me to say the least. I lost my best friend, had a milestone bithday, discovered the true colors of some persons I thought I knew and watched the only organization I cared about in years dissolve.
What I realize at the end of the day is all of the amazing friends I made along the way.
Life-changing friends like Lenny and Barb Kaiser, Grandma Dell, the Helts, Kells, Maureen, Little Izzy, Dot, Kathleen, Linda, various venders all over Stillwater County and many more persons, too numerous to mention here. Thank you Lenny and Barb for coming into the FOL (Friends of the Library) and helping me when I needed it most and thank you again for letting me know when it was time to take “The Final Bow.”
We all met because we love our library and now we can keep loving our library with new friends in our lives. Thank you all so very much.

Judith Gillette
Former FOL officer and director