Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Three ladies show off their final products at the Fishtail Sip and Paint last Saturday.

Fishtail fundraisers

The Fishtail School held two fundraisers over the last couple of months to support upcoming projects, both of which were well-attended.

Last Saturday, the school hosted Buffalo Jump Sip and Paint for an evening at the Anipro Event Center in Absarokee. Participants learned how to paint a fun picture of a horse while sipping on beverages. In addition to the paint night, there was also a silent auction.
Ninety-four tickets were sold at $40 a piece. The money will be used for new desks, supplies for the new garden program, and next year’s activities and field trip.

The Fishtail students far exceeded their original goal of selling 100 pies during their annual pie sale in March. They even exceeded their second goal of 200 pies, selling a total of 238 pies at $15 each. The top two sellers each sold 30 pies.