Monday, August 10, 2020

Pastor Jay Forseth

Journeys in Faith


It’s been our honor to serve this community as a local church Pastor and family for the past 15 years.
This will be my final column for Stillwater County News. Readers, thank you for your kindness as we journeyed in faith together. I close with these thoughts near and dear to my heart.
Most people think the church is a building. Actually, the church is a group of people! We imperfect church people are the “Bride of Christ” who will be presented to Him in the end “without spot or wrinkle.” Churches are also a hospital for the sick, hurting and broken. Perfect people need not attend, they will only ruin the idea. Church is also an action verb. For instance, let’s go BE the church!
I wonder how busy Americans end up in church with so many Sunday options like the NFL, travel teams, camping/fishing/hunting, NASCAR, sleeping in, skiing, etc. And isn’t it ironic to miss church because of rain, since people pray to God for more rain (grin).
A common excuse to NOT attend is “Sunday’s my only day to relax” (the Sabbath is a day of rest, is a gift from God, and promises to give your soul the respite it desperately needs). I’ve also heard, “I don’t need to go, because my church is in the outdoors” (I feel very close to God in the outdoors, too. However, that’s not church). Church is done in community. Alone, church is fun for Satan as isolation is one of his tricks. Let’s not forsake the habit of meeting TOGETHER…for where two or three gather in Jesus’ name, He is with them.
Why CHURCH? Here are just a few amazing reasons: accountability, prayer support, inspiration, sacraments, reading of God’s Word, worship, fellowship, belonging, encouragement, learning, growing, etc.…
I have “churched” at most of the 22 churches in Stillwater County at one time or another. I would encourage you to do the same. It’ll be a blessing!