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Grace Stadel stands with Virgil McCormick of Lodge Grass, the rider of the horse that veered into her at Crow Native Days.A cowboy competes in the saddle bronc competition.A competitor in the horse race at Crow Native DaysA "tiny tot" shows off his dancing skills.The winner of the Ultimate Lady Warrior competition raises her hand as she passes the finish line at Crow Native Days.Competitors face off in the Indian Relay.A bull rider hangs on during the rodeo.A competitor in the Ultimate Warrior Challenge at Crow Native Days.A bull rider competes during Crow Native Days.A saddle bronc rider gets bucked off during the rodeo.A competitor rides during the Indian Relay at Crow Native Days.A cowboy tries to hang on as his bull bucks during the rodeo.

It’s Fair Time!

Columbus girl shooting for fair purple

Not many people would remember getting run over by a horse with a laugh and a smile, but Grace Stadel does.

She was taking pictures at Crow Native Days in June, and during the Men’s Ultimate Warrior Challenge, one of the horses swerved into Stadel, who popped right up, uninjured.

Besides the cool story, Stadel left the celebration with almost 2,000 pictures of various events, from saddle bronc to fancy dancing, some of which will be judged and entered in competitions at the 4-H Fair next week.

After being taken under the wings of Diana Volk, a photographer from Sheridan, Wyo., Grace was able to find the best places to shoot from, and she got some amazing photographs.

Learning photographic strategy while putting it to good use was not the only experience Stadel has had during her first year in 4-H. She’s also been able to work with her horse, Paige, through the veterinary science program.

Initially joining the Johnny’s Buckaroos club to accompany her cousin, Amy Hubble, Stadel has enjoyed learning new things and interacting with different groups of kids through 4-H.

With the Stillwater County 4-H Fair coming to Columbus Sunday, Stadel will wrap up her first year with interviews about her projects and a couple of photo contests.

She will be joined by upward of 100 4-H kids at the Stillwater Pavilion and Fairgrounds from July 16 through July 22 as they all show the final products of a year’s hard work.

There are 11 clubs that will be participating in the fair: Beartooth Ramblers, Broadview Homesteaders, Johnny’s Buckaroos, Molt Happy Helpers, Park City Wranglers, Rapeljacks and Jills, Rosebud Adventurers, Spring Creek Stockgrowers, Stillwater Ranchhands, Stillwater Ridge Riders, and Stillwater Sharp Shooters.

With events from market beef to aerospace to cake decorating, 4-H has a little something for everyone.

Throughout the week, there will be various animal shows, contests, and auctions for the public to view and participate in.

Friday night is reserved for the big event – pig wrestling. Starting at 6 p.m., teams will try to capture a pig and wrangle him into a barrel. It promises to be fun for all.

Stillwater County 4-H Fair Schedule**
July 16-22 - Stillwater Pavilion and Fairgrounds

Sunday, July 16
-9 a.m.: Horse/Mini Horse Show at Keyser Creek Arena

Monday, July 17
-9 a.m.: Interviews for Livestock, Dog, and Indoor Projects at Columbus High School cafeteria
-1 p.m. – 5 p.m.: Open Class Photography, Canning, and Quilting entries received
-5:30 p.m.: Open Class judging
-6 p.m.: Carcass contest at Stillwater Pack
BBQ provided, bring a salad/side dish/dessert to share

Tuesday, July 18
-8 a.m.: Dog Show – Obedience and Showmanship
-11 a.m.: Cat Show
-1 p.m.: Rabbit Show followed by Poultry Show
Small Animal Round Robin (follows 30 minutes after the Poultry Show)
-4 p.m.: Shooting Sports

Wednesday, July 19
-7:30 a.m.: Dog Agility and Rally (run concurrently)
-5 p.m. – 8 p.m.: Livestock Weigh-in and Photos
Swine – 5 p.m.
Sheep – 6 p.m.
Beef – 7 p.m.

Thursday, July 20
-7:30 a.m.: Swine Showmanship
-10 a.m.: Goat Show
- Dairy Goat Showmanship
- Dairy Goat Show
- Breeding Goat Show
- Market Goat Showmanship
- Market Goat Show
Sheep Show – Market, Breeding, and Showmanship (follows 30 minutes after the Goat Show)
-10 a.m.: Silent Auction open for bids
-5 p.m.: Adult Showmanship

Friday, July 21
-7:30 a.m.: Market Swine Show
-11 a.m.: Beef Show – Market, Breeding, and Showmanship
Dairy Cattle Show (follows 30 minutes after the Beef Show)
-3 p.m.: Peewee Showmanship
-6 p.m.: Pig Wrestling

Saturday, July 22
-9 a.m.: Round Robin
-11:30 a.m.: Buyer’s and Exhibitor Lunch
-12:45 p.m.: Graduating Senior Recognition
-1 p.m.: Market Livestock Sale
-4 p.m.: Silent Auction closed – Buyer must be present and claim item before -4:45 p.m.

Stop by the Stillwater Homemakers concession stand in the Pavilion – a portion of the proceeds are donated to support Stillwater County 4-H, Stillwater County Seniors, and the Homemakers Scholarship.

** All times are subject to change