Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Pastor Jay Forseth

Journeys in Faith

Stop doubting and believe

I’m usually a fan of nicknames. When I hear Peyton Manning called “The Sheriff” it brings a smile to my face. I may even call you by a nickname if I’ve known you for a while. I still like my nickname from high school — Jay Force.
There is a guy in the Bible with a nickname, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant as a compliment. His name is “Doubting Thomas.” A “Doubting Thomas” is a person who is skeptical and refuses to believe something without proof.
That’s a big challenge of being a Christian. It requires faith and without faith it is impossible to please God! We demand hard concrete evidence that there is a God (even though creation provides evidence for us with no excuse according to Romans 1:20).
There is difficulty for some to believe in God without a major God event. The problem is that God speaks in a very quiet voice. He doesn’t have to show proof – he doesn’t have to beg for us to believe – he is God!
Before they will believe, scientists require proof. Mathematicians need a formula.
Doctors expect a miracle. Others want signs and wonders. Many say, “When God does such and such, then I will believe.”
Sorry, not everyone gets to see proof. Others, even when they get a sign, still refuse to believe.
Jesus wants from us a childlike faith (Matthew 18:2). This Easter season I would encourage you to read what Jesus says to Doubting Thomas in John 20:24-31. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. Stop doubting and believe!