Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pastor Jay Forseth.

Journeys in Faith

Stillwater County Hall of Faith

Hebrews 11 contains the great “Hall of Faith” which I consider to be more important than even the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I like football but not much eternal good comes from the game. The hall of fame that matters the most in the Bible lists Great Heroes of the Faith like Moses, Noah, Abraham, Joseph and Rahab among many more.
Every year I try to highlight a few among us in Stillwater County who are champions of the faith. This year, there is not a hesitation who I would like to recognize. This gal is a remarkable young woman. She is new to Montana, yeah even new to America. She has a faith of many mustard seeds. She has been through much adversity, still acknowledges God and lets her contagious joy shine brightly for all to see. You may know her as Ellen Mandeville. Thank you Ellen for your faith!
Actually, it would not be difficult to nominate just about anybody in the Mandeville family. Your faith through trial has been an inspiration to many. Keep the faith!
As I was thinking about this article, I wanted to somehow thank a few other groups of people who I feel deserve special recognition. The first being any single parent across our county. Of all the roles out there, I believe yours in the toughest. By the grace of God, through his people who he sends to stand in the gap, and by your faith, you are not alone! Keep looking up, for that is where your help comes from.
In addition, any nurse in Stillwater County has my admiration. I have seen your efforts first hand. You are angels on earth. Thank you for your compassion.
Your dedication is second to none at the hospital, nursing homes, hospice, assisted living, clinic and in home care. I want to personally thank you for your faithfulness!