Monday, June 1, 2020

Pastor Jay ForsethLisa Forseth feeding orphans in Bolivia.

Journeys in Faith

PART 2—Why do bad things happen to good people?

My family recently returned from a short term mission trip to Bolivia. Among other ministries, we worked in an orphanage for kids up to 5-years-old. As my wife Lisa was feeding and holding the orphans (see the picture below), for some strange reason the above question popped back into my head.
I have been reading the book of Psalms one chapter a day this summer. King David continually laments to God that the bad people seem to be winning in life. His adversaries are crushing him on every side even though David is trying to do the right thing.
Yes, I know, David self-inflicted many of his troubles on himself just like the rest of us often do. But I was struck that David was actually drawing nearer to God through these hardships — I believe what he was doing was actually a form of worship. David keeps saying he will trust in God despite his circumstances. Worship!
Back to the orphans of Bolivia. Why were my kids allowed to be born in America, but these kids not only were born in a Third World country, but also have been abandoned to live life apart from their families?
It does not seem fair and I don’t like it! However, a thought came to me that changed my perspective on this whole issue.
Yes, our lives here in America have troubles. There is cancer, broken relationships, abuse, etc. But, most of the people in Bolivia would trade us spots overnight.
Their troubles of malnourishment, unsafe drinking water, corrupt government, absolute poverty and rampant disease make our lives look like a stroll in the park. They seem to be more content and complain less.
I am not trying to minimize anybody’s troubles here. Life is not easy, it is not fair. Bad things do happen to good people.
But I am thankful for the life I have compared to what it could be like. Only by the grace of God are we where we are.
Let’s do what David did and turn to God while thanking him in spite of our difficulties and then look for opportunities to help those less fortunate. The attitude of our hearts is a choice we can make today.