Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pastor Jay Forseth

I appreciate Stillwater Mine because of ...

I appreciate STILLWATER MINE because of...
Hardworking PEOPLE at all levels of the company.
Great paying jobs with good benefits help folks provide for their FAMILY.
Generous donations back into our COMMUNITY.
Workers who are both encouraged and released to SERVE as volunteers.
Scholarships so our YOUTH may further their educations.
Positive LEADERSHIP that reaches beyond precious metals.
Your potential to extend a strong business FUTURE.
Your RESPONSIBILITY to continue to make a positive difference.
In short, about 25 percent of the people in my church are connected to Stillwater Mine.
We want you to know we appreciate each and every one of you. My prayer is for God to show us all what can be accomplished through your forward movement and unity.
May God Himself help you.
Please remember the bigger picture, Stillwater Mine. You are people and family who serve others as a part of our community, especially the youth.
Your leadership into the future has great responsibility.
Thank you for what you do. We’re with you. Together.