Monday, June 1, 2020

Pastor Jay Forseth

Journeys in Faith

What we learned from knocking on every door in Columbus

On a stormy April Sunday afternoon/evening, a small group of us church folks attempted to knock on every door in Columbus to invite people to Easter. Our opening question for anyone who answered their door was simply, “Do you have a place to go to church on Easter?”
If someone said yes, we invited them to the community Easter sunrise service as well. We were not interested in stealing sheep from other churches. If they said no, we tried to engage them in conversation as we invited them to go to church this Easter.
Here is what we learned. You might find this interesting. We did.
It takes 21 man hours to walk and knock at each house in Columbus. There are more hidden homes up alleys and around corners than expected. About 65 percent of people were home and answered their doors. Apparently, there are more dogs than homes in Columbus.
If everyone who said they were Lutheran went to church, it would be the largest church in Stillwater County.
This is a friendly community (mostly), but there is a general distrust of someone religious knocking on doors (I understand).
Significant apathy about Easter was encountered, to the point that for much of our town, Easter was not even a blip on their radar. The most significant event in the history of the world, documented in countless ways, providing true hope, lasting peace and eternal life did not interest most of our community.
But, some people were open, numerous folks thanked us for inviting them, and several others were downright excited.
Invitations were given. We are not responsible for responses. Just wanted people to know we care about our community enough to share the Good News of Easter.