Monday, June 1, 2020

Pastor Jay Forseth

Journeys in Faith

Stillwater County Hall Of Fame

It is good to be back from sabbatical. I have been refreshed and have returned to write this monthly column again.
At the end of every year, I try to feature a few among us who, in my opinion, have gone above and beyond the call of duty as they make our county shine. In the Bible, Hebrews 11 contains the great “Hall of Faith” and I hope we would all try to emulate what Paul was trying to highlight. Selfless…Faithful…Giving. These dear folks have.
We live in a great county, state and country! We have clean water, clean air and clean neighborhoods. Trust me, it is not like this all over the world. So, thank you to all those who tirelessly serve others in ways both seen and unseen.
And, now on with this year’s champions…
Chris Rasmussen has spent years in a snowplow. I was shocked to hear that nearly every day someone will rush around the plow and flip off the driver. Ridonkulous! Where would we all be if not for these hardworking and selfless folks? When most are snuggled up in our warm beds, Chris and his team are out in the worst of conditions risking much to keep us safe. Sorry we have taken you for granted.
Pastor Werner Seibert in Absarokee well represents all our faithful Stillwater County clergy. He is a good shepherd of the flock God has entrusted him. He has a great heart for serving in so many unseen ways. This church thing is God’s deal, and I am thankful God called Werner to this part of Montana.
Finally, no one in our county thinks of others like Kelly Rogers. She constantly serves and surprises in many ways, with a sense of humor like none other. Some people in life are takers, but not Kelly. She is a giver and her community bank account for others has significantly more deposits than withdrawals. From our hearts to yours, thank you!