Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Lilly DeHaven poses with her new bike in front of SRO Gary Timm's police car.Jack Garcia was lucky winner No. 2 of a brand new bike.SRO Gary Timm hangs out with a friend as the bike rodeo got underway last week.A group of three Columbus Elementary Schoolers weave their way through a cone obstacle course.

Bike Rodeo

Lilly DeHaven and Jack Garcia were the lucky winners of a random drawing for two new bicycles at this year’s bike rodeo at the Columbus Elementary School, put on by the Columbus Police Department and Columbus Fire Rescue. This year’s event was last Thursday and cloudy skies and occasional rain did not dampen the enthusiasm as once again, kids learned basic safety measures. The rodeo spanned nearly the entire day and included cones, obstacles and many tips and encouragement from Columbus Police School Resource Officer Gary Timm, Police Chief Jacob Ward and the Columbus Fire Rescue crew.