Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Emmett’s Mechanical/Stillwater Packing finished in second place at the Carbon-Stillwater Co-ed Softball league tournament last Sunday.Anna Peters, of the 307 team, stretches for a ball at first base coming from the shortstop.Shortstop Adam Emmett, of Emmett’s, chases Cole Waltner, of Compass, into an out at third base.Jake Boyles, a member of Down by Two, gets a solid hit during the first day of the tournament.Kelly Hitchcock, Compass’ shortstop and the league’s president, fields a ball during the tournament.

For love of the game

Softball league season wraps up at Absarokee tournament

Summer fun isn’t just for the kids.
The Carbon-Stillwater Co-ed Softball League brings good times in the summer sun for those who are young at heart.
For two months throughout the summer, games are held twice a week. The culmination of the season is a two-day, double-elimination tournament.
This year, seven teams from across the two counties competed in the league: two from Columbus (Emmett’s Mechanical/Stillwater Packing and the 307 Bar and Grill), two from Absarokee (Compass Counseling and Down by Two), two from Bridger (High Caliber and Carbon County’s Finest), and one from Red Lodge (Snow Creek/Snag).
Last year’s champions, High Caliber, proved their dominance once again, finishing out the regular season with a 16-2 record.
The 2016 runners-up, the Snow Creek, finished second in the regular season standings, winning 10 games and losing 6.
The two leaders were followed by Emmett’s with a 9-6-2 record, Compass at 10-8, the 307 with a 6-10-1 record, and Down by Two at 6-11-1. Carbon County’s Finest rounded out the standings with one win and 15 losses.
Last weekend, after a day and a half of competition in the league tournament, Compass and Down by Two ended their seasons in fifth and sixth place. The 307 finished in fourth.
With a win over High Caliber Sunday morning, the Snow Creek earned a place in the championship.
After working through the early loser-out games, Emmett’s faced off against High Caliber, a team Columbus had lost to three times during the regular season, never coming within less than seven runs.
Emmett’s played well during the semi-final game, though, and High Caliber never got rolling. Emmett’s won the game in the ninth inning (the second extra inning), moving on to the championship.
The momentum Emmett’s had coming out of the semi-final game did little to stop the Snow Creek, however, as the team cruised to an easy victory.
At the end of the game, some special awards were given: Offensive MVP (Men – Terry Haney, Snow Creek; Women – Megan Dempsey, Emmett’s), Defensive MVP (Men – Billy Asbury, Snow Creek; Women – Maegen Nahrgang, High Caliber), and the Sportsmanship/Forrest Dana Award (Adam Potter, High Caliber).
Saturday night, a bucket toss competition and home run derby were held. Haney won the men’s category in both. Nahrgang won the women’s home run derby, and Mykaila Berry, of the 307, won the women’s bucket toss.