Tuesday, April 23, 2024

14-year-old girl facing attempted deliberate homicide charge

A 14-year-old Columbus girl has been charged with attempted deliberate homicide for allegedly plotting to kill another student.
According to court documents, school officials received a letter from an adult indicating the young teenager was “planning to kill another child/student.” The school contacted law enforcement on May 18.
The student had allegedly planned to enlist the help of two others and lure the victim to her house. Once there, she planned to tie the victim to a chair in the basement and “kill him with a crow bar,” according to court documents.
An adult overheard the girl and one of the people she planned to have help her with the killing.
The other party said he did not want anything to do with it and thought the girl was just pranking the victim, according to court documents.
The adult told investigators the conversation “made her blood run cold” and that she believed the girl was in fact going to commit the killing, according to court documents.
All the parties involved attend the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch. The girl was arrested last Friday, May 19, and is being held in a youth detention facility in Billings.
The Stillwater County Attorney’s Office has filed a petition for delinquency in the case. The investigation is ongoing by the Stillwater County Sheriff’s Office.