Wednesday, October 23, 2019

More to consider in Park City snow woes

Wow! In reference to Jeanette Bossen’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 4, 2018, issue of the Stillwater County News. I would like to make four points to the readers of Stillwater County.
1. Note of interest — Jeanette Bossen is the disgruntled wife of an ex-Stillwater County Road and Bridge Department employee.
2. I find it interesting how everyone thinks they can do a job “better” than those actually doing the job. This refers to any job, any occupation, and it is real easy to “criticize” everyone else for their job performance!
3. Just where does Mrs. Bossen purpose to go with “all of the extra snow,” if in fact, it were to be removed? Does she also realize this would then extend to the towns of Absarokee, Reed Point, Rapelje, Fishtail, and beyond? Who is going to pay for the extra cost?
I’m sure the town of Columbus paid extra for the removal of all the extra snow in the city. Part of the problem is where do you go with all the snow when it storms like it has in the last few weeks?
4. It would seem if it is a matter of concern for the safety of the school, the students, and the buses, the superintendent would in fact contact the Road and Bridge Department.
I chose not to respond to Mrs. Bossen’s previous “letter to the editor” when she was crabbing about the same issue. However, I wanted to bring some light to the readers that this goes beyond a citizen having a complaint, she has an “axe to grind.” However, one “bad apple” does not spoil all the “atta boys” received from other residents of Park City and Stillwater County!

Lila White