Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Columbus Fire Rescue members work on a play patient as part of a training exercise.

Practice makes perfect

For first responders, effective training is a key component in preparing for the high-stress situations in which they may find themselves. Columbus Fire Rescue (CFR) recently held such a training, and four high schoolers were utilized to make it as realistic as possible – moulage makeup and all.
Susan Carrel, Akira Castanon, Shadlynn Summers, and Randal Davis – all members of the Columbus High School speech and drama team – lent their dramatic abilities to re-enact situations including allergic reactions, facial burns, and a leg impalement. Makeup to simulate the injuries was done by paramedic-firefighter Summerlee Lucklow.
According to Captain Cody Sweeney, the students’ performances were great and very realistic.
The inclusion of the students was intended to enhance the CFR training. As Sweeney explained, “Too often CFR has just used our own personnel for patients in scenarios such as these. By using people such as the high school kids, we were able to have patients we were not familiar with, as well as add to the realism/quality of the training.”
Due to the importance of training, Sweeney said CFR is “working to improve the overall quality of our training, which will in turn improve the care we are able to provide to our community.”
Sweeney extended thanks to the students who participated, and he noted CFR is hoping to continue with such trainings and collaborations with the speech and drama team in the future.