Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Andrew Forcier

Columbus man making a run at Howard’s state senate seat

Columbus resident Andrew Forcier is making a run against incumbent Republican David Howard for the Montana Senate District 29 seat.
He is running as a Republican.
Senate District 29 covers approximately 19,000 people in Stillwater, Carbon and Sweet Grass counties.
Prompting Forcier to run for office is what he sees as “freedoms slipping away in Montana with each passing year. And when our district is represented by someone who doesn't view some of his constituents as equal to all the others, simply because of who they love, that means more people's freedoms are at risk.”
Forcier works as a human resources director and brings nearly two decades of experience working in high-growth and entrepreneurial enterprises. He is already in public service, sitting on the Stillwater County Economic Development Committee and County Planning Board.
Forcier lists the following issues on his campaign Facebook page:
•Transparency in government
•School Choice regarding the need for more choices to ensure better educational options across the board.
•Occupational Licensing laws which currently require people to take unnecessary education for jobs where “there is no threat or harm”
•Criminal Justice Reform through refocusing law enforcement on crimes “that cause harm to others, and not further perpetuate the war on poverty caused by mandatory fines and jail time for missed court appointments.”
•The war on the poor
Forcier will be at a meet-and-greet April 17 and the MainStreet Commons in Absarokee at 9:30 a.m.
Also running for the seat is Red Lodge resident Elizabeth “Betsy” Scanlin, who is running as a Democrat.